The coup that took place on May 27, 1960 ignored the will of the nation, which was the mainstay of the republic, and the prime minister and three friends elected by votes were eventually martyred. This event has created a bad perception in our country as democracy can be ignored when the time is “right”. On the 15th of July, 2016, the people who accept this perception attempted to assassinate our President of the Republic, representing the ruling and the state, who had come to office with the will of the nation, but this time the nation has written a story of heroism, making history  by laying claim to its own will and the government people chose
It is an obvious fact that serious measures need to be taken so as not to experience the same grief the coup attempt that our country faced on 15 July 2016 created. One of the measures is to have a scientific study on “coup phenomenon” and “coup culture” and to obtain useful results for the society. The name of the University is given after the late Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, who was also a victim of the coup in 1960. Therefore, being quite sensitive to the coups, Adnan Menderes University is organizing a symposium within the frame of 25th Year Anniversary events for its foundation in Aydın, the birthplace and cradle of democracy, in order to analyze the coups and coup plotters and to remember and remind how democracy is important for human rights and freedoms, individual respect and social peace in an academic environment.