Dear Colleagues,
We are now taking important steps towards "National Sovereignty", leaving behind the bitter experiences of the night of 15 July 2016 , as people of a nation that has been tested by coups in every period from the time of Adnan Menderes, our late Prime Minister, until the present.  We have always given importance to democratic social structures and democratic culture as members of the university which is named after the late Prime Minister, Adnan Menderes, who was one of the most important losses for democracy of our young and dynamic republic, in the place in which he was born and grew up.

In this context, as we live in the shadow of increasing violence and totalitarian tendencies,  in order to be reminded in an academic environment that human rights and freedoms, individual's dignity and social peace are important elements of democracy in the land where the concept of democrarcy was concieved and developed, as part of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our university, Adnan Menderes University, is proud to host “Adnan Menderes University 25th Anniversary: National Soverignity Culture, Adnan Menderes and Aydın from the past to the future” symposium on 26-27-28 May 2017 and we would be honoured to see our valuable colleagues among us.

                                                                                                              Prof .Dr. Cavit BİRCAN
           Rector of Adnan Menderes University